The Company


Azienda Agricola Savino is a farm company founded in a sub-region of Apulia called Murgia, a hilly area that is highly agriculture-oriented because of its history and culture, where olive trees are absolutely predominant.

The experience inherited along generations of farmers has given the company a thorough knowledge of olive cultivation, especially as far as regards organic farming, and it's also created a growing awareness of the great value of nature and its deep connection with mankind.

This knowledge is combined with a great expertise in transformation, as the company owns a family mill, which is a reference point for most of the farmers in the area since fifty years.

The extra virgin olive oil produced by Azienda Agricola Savino undergoes a careful, rigorously cold, milling, which is carried out with the traditional millstone by highly qualified master millers. The result is an oil with great qualities: low in acidity, it has a delicate fragrance, fruity flavors and a bright green color with golden reflections.

Our aim is to share our expertise with our community through an excellent product, which can convey our love for the environment and for an ancient world made of simplicity, beauty, and, most of all, balance between man and nature.