Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Good and of good quality”

We often tend to consider the word "good " as a synonym of "quality". But "good" in most cases refers to something that meets our taste, without indicating an inner quality of the product. Therefore we simply care about the satisfaction of our palate without respecting our health.
As a matter of fact, the bitter and stinging taste that we feel when we consume an excellent extra virgin olive oil is a symptom of quality, due to the presence of polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants that work as and life-savers for the human body. The more the olive oil is fresh and un-altered, the more polyphenols will be present.

«Extra virgin olive oil has always been considered halfway between food and medicine, and several recent scientific studies confirmed its importance for our health. It's well-known that, thanks to its many components, including the famous polyphenol, extra virgin olive oil protects the gastric mucosa, prevents the formation of gallstones, produces a lower secretory activity of the pancreas, facilitates the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, reduces the risk of certain autoimmune diseases and cancers of the breast and colon-rectum, fights bad cholesterol and increase the good one, prevents atherosclerosis and degenerative diseases. Being a staple food of the Mediterranean diet, extra virgin olive oil is considered as a nutritious functional and nutraceutical, the best gift we can give to our body in order to protect our health and make life tasty and pleasant.»

extract from
«Composizione e da aspetti salutistici dell’olio d’oliva» by
G.LERCKER ( Dipartimento di scienze degli alimenti, Università di Bologna) and
G.M.CARAMIA (Azienda Ospedaliera Materno-Infantile “G.Salesi” – Ancona).