The Mill


The olive oil mill used by Azienda Agricola Savino is a family plant that still utilizes manual techniques for pressing the olives from the family groves. Olive growers from Altamura and nearby areas fully support the traditional system of milling, so much that the mill has over time become a reference point for most of the local production for nearly fifty years.

After the harvest, carried out by handpicking, the olives are transported to the mill and stored in perforated bins, which allows the transpiration of the fruit. The olives are pressed within 24 hours, to ensure an oil with low acidity, with the "millstone" (granite grindstone), using the traditional method that maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit. The mush obtained after pressing the olives, is subjected to a brief grinding under controlled temperature, in order not to compromise the quality of the product, and then is distributed on special fiber discs called pressing mats under the oil presses. The olive juice obtained from pressing is then separated from the water of olive vegetation through the separator, taking advantage of the different specific weight.

After this hard work we finally obtain our extra virgin olive oil, which provides a delicate, fruity taste and a natural golden-green color, excellent for seasoning any dish or add a new flavor to traditional dishes.